101 Work from Home Jobs

101 Work from Home Jobs

Between technology, such as Skype, Slack, or Google Hangouts, the need to commute back and forth everyday is no longer necessary – which makes it easier to enjoy work-life balance and apply for jobs no matter where you reside.

Whether you’re looking to join an established company, start your own business, or a freelancer looking for work, here are 101 jobs that you can do from the sweet confines of your home.

Employee Positions

There are legitimate companies that specifically hire remote works, but you may be surprised to learn that companies like Apple, JetBlue, Dell, Xerox, and Aetna also offer employees the chance to work from home with positions like;

1. Customer Service Rep
As long as you have solid communication skills, a landline, and internet you can earn between $8-$15 per hour. Indeed is a great place to start.

2. Tech Support Provider
You can make a salary of over $50,000 or around $13.50 per hour by handing any technical issues that customers have with a product. CareerBuilder.com has hundreds of tech support jobs.

3. Virtual Assistant
This job involves a variety of tasks, such as has email management to scheduling appointments, from anywhere between $10 to $30. Check out job boards like Upwork or People Per Hour.

4. Bookkeeper
You don’t have to be a CPA and can take a bookkeeping course at a community college to start this career for a company or as a freelancer. The median salary is $34,000.

5. Tax Preparer
This is only a seasonal occupation, and you’ll have to register with the IRS, but with a median salary of over $30,000, this is a pretty solid side gig.

6. Data Entry
Inputting information for companies into a computer system can be tedious work. But, you don’t need any prior experience and can easily make more than $10 per hour from home.

7. Search Engine Evaluator
Even Google’s search engine algorithms wrong. That’s when search engine evaluators are brought to help deliver more accurate results. Search engine evaluators can make up to $15 per hour. Visit Leapforce if you’re interested in this position.

8. Transcriber/Transcriptionist
This job requires you to listen audio recordings in the medical or legal industries, as well as college lectures or interviews and transcribe them into written documents. You can earn more than $30,000 per year,

9. Senior Executives
Yes. Even executive level positions like General Manager, Executive Director, Executive Career Coach, or Interim CTO, that allow you to work from home can be found if you have the experience.

10. Translator
If you’re fluent in another language, you can be hired to translate documents from the comfort of your home. You can also translate whenever a company has a meeting with clients from overseas.

11. Debt Collection
This isn’t the most pleasant of jobs, but if you have some thick skin, this is a great work at home job where you can earn more than $30,000 per year.

12. Grant Writing
Universities, hospitals, and nonprofits all have to apply for grant money. But, these can be challenging to write. That’s why grant writers can earn a comfortable living with salaries that range between $40,300 to $67,000.

13. Online Tutor
You can apply to become an online tutor on sites like Tutor.com.

14. Social Media Manager
Plenty of companies are looking for individuals to manage their social media accounts or develop a social media strategy for them.

15. Data or Digital Forensics
What happens when a company loses data because their system has been corrupted or accidentally deleted? That’s when a data or digital forensic service comes in to recover the data.

16. Software Developer
If you have the coding skills, companies would be willing to pay you to work from home as you develop and test programs for them.

Freelance and Consulting Gigs

There’s no shortage of freelance and consulting gigs available that allow you to work from. In fact, some freelancing and consulting jobs are a lucrative career choose.

17. Green Consultant
With more pressure for companies to become more eco-friendly, there’s a chance for entrepreneurs to capitalize by reviewing and making recommendations on how businesses can become more green.

18. Graphic Designer
All businesses require logos, websites, and visual advertisements. After earning your degree or certification, you can earn approximately $45,000 annually as a graphic designer. Here is a full designers guide to help you decide.

19. Web Developer
Depending on the specific jobs, and your expertise, building a website from the ground-up could haul in between $55,000 – $175,000 per year.

20. Writer
Whether it’s writing blog posts, articles, or copy, there are more than enough freelance writing gigs out there. Depending on the scope of the work, and the company that you work for, writers get paid anywhere between $10 to $100 per hour.

21. Patent or Intellectual Property Lawyer
Representing clients who are attempting to obtain a patent could result in bringing in anywhere between $112 per hour to $121 per hour.

22. Legal Consultant
Those providing legal advice on a contractual basis can charge more than $68/hour. Here is a killer guide to consulting.

23. Voice Acting
Believe it or not voice actors could make somewhere between $56 to $72 per hour!

24. Programmer
Learning programing, such as the object-oriented dynamic programming language known as Ruby, pays an hourly rate of $61. Here is a full guide to programming to help you decide.

25. Startup Consultant
If you have the experience and knowledge to assist startups in leveraging the resources, then becoming a startup consultant could earn you $54 per hour.

26. Internet Security Specialist
Managing the security of computers, for either businesses or individuals, pays around $51 per hour.

27. Investment Research
Providing research and relevant to assist individuals like traders, fund managers, and stock brokers to make financial decisions can pay $53/hour.

28. Wireless Network Engineer
Designing, implementing, and optimizing wireless networks pays approximately $34 per hour.

29. Industrial Designer
Manufactured goods require concepts and designs. That’s when an industrial designer comes in and earns over $34 per hour.

30. Statistical Analysis
If you enjoy analyzing sets of data to make a conclusion, then you could approximately make $50/hour.

31. Amazon Web Services
Amazon is looking for Solutions Engineers, Software Engineers, and Specialists in various fields. Salaries range between $85,000 to $125,000 annually.

32. Legal Writer
Lawyers, judges, and legislators use technical writing to make decisions. This type of work can result in making around $50 per hour.

33. API Documentation
This technical writing that describes how to use API software is a career where you could make around $34 per hour.

34. Database Development
Being responsible for the evolution data for a business could rake in more than $45 per hour.

35. Book Cover Designer
If you’re creative enough, you’re hourly pay is over $30 per hour.

36. User Experience Designer
If you got this gig for LinkedIn, for example, your yearly salary would be at $114,179.

37. Internet Consulting
Businesses are clamoring for experienced individuals to assist them with implementing and managing their online presence and marketing campaigns. The average salary is $44,000.

38. Corporate Tax Accountant
If you’re an accountant that is familiar with corporate tax regulations and deductions, you can earn more than $30 per hour.

39. Label and Package Designer
Here’s another creative gig that could become a lucrative home-based business by earning around $40 per hour.

40. Animators
Being an excellent animator could earn you around $35 per hour.

41. Machine Learning Engineer
The national average for machine learning engineers is around $114,000.

42. Search Engine Marketing
The average salary for a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist is $45,121 per year.

43. Mobile App Tester
Testing mobile apps can earn you between $65,000 to $110,000 per year.

44. Instructional Designers
This designers can make approximately $30 per hour.

45. Data Scientist
Depending on the company that you work for, you can make over $100,000 per hour. Freelancers can expect around $30 per hour.

46. Referral Service
You can match individuals to the right apartment, plumber, babysitter, or cleaning service just by sitting in the comfort of your home.

Hobbies That Can Become a Business

You can also convert a hobby into a full-fledged business that you can run out of your home.

47. Repairman
If you have a knack for repairing furniture, electronics, or clothes, then make that into a full-time gig.

48. Product Reviewer
Reviewing products that you use everyday could result in a business that earns anywhere between $20,000 to $95,000.

49. Farmer or Gardener
If you have a green thumb, and the land to grow flowers or produce, then you can grow your own items and sell them at your own produce stand or local farmer’s market. Even if you live in an urban area, you can still grow smaller items, such as herbs, in your home.

50. Travel Agent
There’s still a need for travel agents to find the best possible deals and plan trips for busy individuals.

51. Bargain Hunter
Not everyone has the time to score the best deal possible on their favorite collectible or latest sale. That’s when you can offer this service to these individuals.

52. Painter
Whether it’s a portrait or a customer’s favorite pet or a painting for their office, artists can use their skills to start a home-based business.

53. Photographer or Videographer
Find your niche, such as weddings, and start marketing your services to interested parties.

54. Blogger
Just by blogging about your favorite topic or sharing your experience could lead to a solid career path. This takes time to build a following and attract advertisers, but it is possible.

55. Author
This doesn’t mean that you have to be the next Stephen King. You can write and publish books on Amazon’s Kindle.

56. YouTube Personality
Creating videos and publishing on YouTube could make for a comfortable living. In fact, some personalities are millionaires.

57. Auto Repair
Love getting your hands dirty? Open-up your own auto repair shop in your garage.

58. Athletic Scout
Have an eye for catching the next sports superstar? You can become a scout. This may require travel as well, but you can investigate talent by watching videos at home.

59. Sports Representative
Sticking with sports, you can become a representative for your favorite all while staying at home.

60. Handmade Crafts
Whether it’s furniture, t-shirts, or jewelry, you can make your own crafts and sell them online through shops like Etsy.

61. Tutor
If you have the knowledge, you can tutor a student who needs help in a specific subject.

62. Music Instructor
If you can play a musical instrument, you can start offering lessons to those interested.

63. Caterer
Don’t let your culinary skills go to waste. Start sharing your skills for anyone who needs to have a catered event.

64. Baker
If you’re more of a baker, then start selling your baked goods to friends, neighbors, online, or at local farmer’s markets and bazaars.

65. Personal Chef
Not everyone has the time, or skills, to cook daily meals. That’s when offer your culinary skills for a new business venture.

Home, Health, and Personal Services

This next batch of work from home jobs focuses specifically on the home, health, and personal needs of individuals.

66. Wedding Planner or Consultant
Planning a wedding involves a ton of work. That’s why couples are more than willing to hire a wedding planner or consultant to do the legwork for them, or at least offer advice.

67. Party or Event Planning
Besides weddings, people need assistance whenever planning a party or event such as birthday, retirement, anniversary, holiday, or corporate event like a the release of a product.

68. Party Rentals
If you’re not much for planning parties, but still them, then consider renting out equipment and items for parties like chairs, tables, inflatables, photo booths, etc.

69. Home Inspection
If you have experience in construction and the proper certification, then you inspect homes or buildings to make sure that they’re up to code.

70. Home Organizer or Interior Design
Are you organized or have a knack for design? Then consider launching your own business where you organize or design other people’s home. You may have to leave the house every now and then, but most of your research can be done at home.

71. Moving Service
Moving can be a real headache. You can make this less painful for individuals by starting your own moving service. Even if you don’t have the muscle or equipment, you could at least plan the move for your customers by lining up trucks and researching the moving fees that they may incur.

72. Pet Groomer
If you love animals, and are patient enough to clean or style pets, then this is an ideal home-based business.

73. Pet Sitter
Instead of leaving your four-legged friend at a kennel or boarding them, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable in them staying with a neighbor?

74. Patient Advocate
Patients who have been recently released from a hospital could use someone to help them make sense of the complicated home health care system. Patient advocates can earn a salary of $50,000.

75. Child Care
How many people do you know could watch their children while they’re at work? Whether if it’s the entire day or just for a couple of hours, using your home for child care can be a lucrative business. Just make sure that you have the correct licences and permits.

76. Home Beauty
Anything from manicures, pedicures, hair removal, piercings, or skin products can become a home-based business.

77. Hairstylist
If you have the talent, then why not start styling or cutting people’s hair from within your home?

78. Massage Therapist
After you earning your certification, you can start a massage therapy occupation.

79. Personal Trainer
If you’re passionate about fitness and want to help others get in shape, then this is another business that you can start on your own.

80. Appraiser
Do you enjoy discovering how much an item is really worth? Then becoming an appraiser should be right up your alley. You’ll need to have education in this area, but you can do a majority of research at home on your computer.

81. Therapist or Counselor
You’ll have to have the right education for this area, but once you do, you can run this business from inside your home.

Maintenance and Cleaning

This group of jobs is for those who are handy or enjoy getting outdoors from time-to-time.

82. Contractor
If you’re a plumber, electrician, carpenter, or general contractor, then you should definitely start your own business.

83. Equipment Rentals
If you have equipment, such as tools, trailers, trucks, or an unused car, then you can rent them out to people who need this equipment temporarily, such as picking up an appliance.

84. Recycler
Everything from scrap metal to cardboard can be sold at scrap yards.

85. Commercial or Residential Office Cleaning
Offices and homes have to be cleaned frequently. You may have to do this yourself at first, but there’s low overhead and if your business takes off, you’ll just have to manage your fleet of cleaners.

86. Landscaper
Whether it’s planting trees or sod, mowing lawns, or designing outdoor landscapes, homeowners and businesses are looking to add curb appeal.

Product Based Businesses

This collection of business ideas involve selling products directly to customers.

87. Scrapbooking
You can sell templates, kits, accessories, or custom made scrapbooks.

88. Pet Accessories
We love our pets. That’s why it’s a multi-billionaire business. You can sell treats, toys, or travel accessories to pet owners.

89. Handmade Chocolates
You can sell unique, and delicious, chocolates either locally or online.

90. Vending Machine Operator
Vending machines offer more than just chips, candy, soda, and water. Look to tap into more healthy friendly options to local business owners.

91. Sell Kits or Baskets
You could create ready-made gifts or baskets that appeal to specific niches and sell them online or locally.

92. Direct Salesperson
Whether it’s Avon or Tupperware, there are lots of direct sales opportunities where you host a party in your home.

93. Run an eCommerce Store
Thanks to technology, you can now sell anything to anyone in the world. Whether it’s shoes, used books, or organic honey, you can easily setup and run an eCommerce shop.

94. Micro Jobs
You probably won’t make too much money of these small jobs, but there’s plenty of them on sites like Fiverr and Amazon Mechanical Turks.

95. Drop Shipping
Drop shipping is where you would sell new items on sites like eBay. That’s it. The manufacturer stores and then ships the items once they’re sold.

96. Amazon, eBay, Craigslist Seller
If you, or your friends or family, have any unused items lying around, then you can sell them on Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist.

97. Affiliate Marketer
With affiliate marketing, you are rewarded by a manufacturer for promoting their goods or services. For example, you would plug a product on your website and include a link with a special code. If a visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you’ll get a piece of the pie.

Misc. Work From Home Jobs

98. Take Surveys/Join Focus Groups
There are lots of online sites that will pay you for your opinion. But, you can also join focus groups that take place online where you’ll sometimes be compensated over $100 for your time.

99. Peer-to-Peer Lender
Peer-to-peer lending is becoming popular among investors thanks to sites like Lending Tree.

100. Flip Websites
You can purchase a domain, build some quality content, and sell it to an interested party. Flippa is a great site for this.

101. Insurance Telecommuting
Insurance jobs are on the rise. Whether you’re an underwriter, broker, or analyst, you can can find an insurance gig and do so from home.

With more companies looking to attract top talent, and keep costs at bay, there more flexible and remote jobs than. Just think outside of the box and look for remote jobs in your specific industry.


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