16 Body Language Mistakes That Makes People Distrust You

Don’t destroy your own credibility Whether you’re telling the truth or lying, these gestures send an unconscious signal telling others not to believe you. If you want to be trusted, practice avoiding them. 1. Tilting your head back Tilting your head back and raising your chin conveys a sign of defiance or arrogance. You’re literally looking down your nose at the other person. 2. Listening without making eye contact Research shows you should make eye contact 50 percent of the … Read More

7 Remarkably Powerful Body Language Secrets for Success

Sometimes, our bodies just know what to do. There’s something to be said about natural instincts, about inherently knowing how to react in times of extreme stress and duress. In times when we can’t process thoughts quickly enough, the millions of muscle fibers and tissues that make up our living cells simply take over and do the talking for us. That’s why body language is so unshakably important; it says what our mouths cannot. If you hope to inspire awe … Read More

9 speaking habits that will make you sound smarter

There are four kinds of speakers in the business world: The incoherent, who meander, use tons of jargon, and talk of things interesting mostly to themselves. The coherent, who can verbally communicate facts and opinions but seldom say anything memorable. The articulate, who speak succinctly and clearly but whose words are seldom persuasive. The eloquent, who use language and body language to win the hearts and minds of listeners. Eloquent people sound smart, regardless of how intelligent they are. The … Read More

Make Them Trust You With These 5 Body Language Secrets

Body language should help, not hurt. Even when the chat isn’t in person, how you hold yourself impacts how you connect with others and whether you present the best version of yourself. So, when the talk is important, use these strategies to show you’re strong, capable and ready for anything, Eyes up and alert. Your eyes betray your focus. So, if you’re picking lint from your pants or looking for the exits, you’ll show your interest lies elsewhere and seem … Read More