1 Revolutionary and Simple Leadership Habit Anyone Can Start Today

If you strive to direct a company or initiate ideas that others may follow, being a great leader is a must. But despite the countless leadership tips and suggestions out there, it is still very hard to activate your full leadership potential. We often think there are two major responsibilities of a great leader: Directing a business toward revenue-generating success is one. The other is good management–inspiring employees to do great work. Both are important, but what sets truly great leaders … Read More

17 rules for life as told by John D Rockefeller

The very name of the oil tycoon John Rockefeller is synonymous with wealth and success. He made his fortune having started with nothing; later, he would begin to steadily donate a part of his fortune to charity. Here is list of 17 rules for life as told by John Rockefeller, which helped him to reach such heights of success — and human decency. Always aim to turn every disaster into an opportunity. Be afraid not of large expenses, but of … Read More

5 Leadership Lessons from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones’ biggest strength as an epic television series is its scope – it contains an incredible amount of characters and story lines even despite its relatively short, five year run. The story line of Game of Thrones is full of challenges, crises, joy and pain, similar to what one will experience in a startup. It naturally follows that there are characters in the series that have exhibited strong leadership skills, competent in navigating the complex challenges and emotions … Read More

20 Questions You Have to Answer Before Starting Business

Peter Cohan teach an entrepreneurship course for students who transfer to Babson College — U.S. News and World Report has ranked it tops for entrepreneurship since 1995. Next week, Peter Cohan’s students will present the final pitch for the business ideas they’ve been developing all semester. If you run a business or are just starting one, Peter Cohan think the questions he want his students to answer are worth thinking about. If you have well-researched answers to those questions, he … Read More

6 Strategies to Boost Your Attractiveness

We all want to be attractive. To get to the next level in our lives, we are trying to “attract” people: investors, employees, voters, customers, suppliers, friends, a mate, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, etc. Of course, we need to turn up the attraction far beyond physical beauty and style to reach our goals in today’s hyper-competitive world. The most successful business leaders use six key strategies to boost attractiveness. You can harness the same approach to drive meaningful results in … Read More

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