10 Character of Terrible Boss That Can Still Teach You How to Lead

Terrible bosses are everywhere. They’re no fun to work for, but their lousy leadership does come with a silver lining: valuable “what not to do” lessons on effective leadership. Here are 10 of the most important areas where you can learn from your boss’s bad example. 1. Lack of Decisiveness Atrophy, entropy, and lethargy hold back people and organizations. Indecisiveness, foot-dragging, distraction, and disengagement impair productivity. Effective leaders don’t keep people waiting for a decision; they are decisive and strong-minded. … Read More

3 Ways to Stay Sane and Upbeat When You’re a Middle Manager

An executive, an entry-level employee, and a mid-level manager walk into a bar. It’s happy hour, but only two of the three are able to put work aside, relax, and unwind. Can you guess who, statistically speaking, is the one feeling the most stressed and least happy? It’s the middle manager. Numerous studies have uncovered the truth about being in mid-level management: It’s downright stressful! The data, in fact, is pretty depressing: Middle managers have higher rates of depression and … Read More

5 Reasons You Need Marketing Skills for Not a Marketer

I hate Facebook braggers as much as anyone, but I’ve got to admit that the world looks a lot more like a marketplace than it used to. A certain amount of branding and curation goes into our online personas, which inform others on our opinions, ideas, careers, and how we see the world. Given that reality, we’re all unofficially marketers. But that’s not the only reason that having a few marketing skills in your professional toolkit isn’t a bad thing. … Read More

Nobody listens to you and here’s why

We’ve become a nation of phone zombies with average attention spans of 8.25 seconds — less than a goldfish. The result? Already bad listening skills have gotten worse, and managers are no exception. According to ResourcefulManager.com, a website that offers advice and resources for managers, the average Fortune 500 manager scores a 2 out of 5 on listening abilities. There’s a cost: errors, miscommunication, wasted time, and employee turnover. ResourcefulManager created the following infographic to highlight the growing problem.

4 strategies successful people use to start their day

Want to start your day like a boss? A new survey by Robert Half Management Resources highlights the morning routines of people at different levels in the company. Most executives (50%) start their days by checking email. Meanwhile, just over one-third (39%) of entry-level employees kick off their days with email. Regardless of employment level, the survey also found that many employees like to organize their days before they do anything else. Business Insider asked Robert Half Management Resources Executive … Read More