Become Productive by Eliminating These 5 Time-Wasting Habits

The amount of time we have available every day is limited. Not every entrepreneur can put in 18-hour days — personal obligations and family life take up time, making it important that we maximize the time we do have allocated for business. Here are five time-wasting habits that many entrepreneurs are guilty of. Eliminate these and watch your productivity increase. 1. Trying to do everything yourself. You have to learn to delegate if you are ever going to be productive. … Read More

3 Better Ways to Organize Your To-Do List

Ever heard that some productivity gurus say to scrap the traditional to-do list? Yeah, that’s just not an option for the vast majority of the working world. In fact, most of us take the opposite approach, putting all of our to-dos onto one massive list, which then just serves as a reminder of how much we’re not getting done. The good news is that there are many other options for structuring your to-do list in a way that maximizes your efficiency. Whether you’re … Read More