12 Easy Ways to Get Over Your Laziness

Being highly productive isn’t a natural talent for everyone. Some of us have a naturally strong work ethic, while others really like our sitting-around time. But we always seem to find time for the things we want to do. Laziness, on the other hand, appears for very specific reasons. Maybe we don’t know how to do the task, maybe we feel overwhelmed by everything we do have to do. Maybe we are just plain scared and our mindset needs adjustment. … Read More

4 Ways To Spot An Insecure Person

It helps me to have some empathy for people who act arrogantly because obtuse as their behavior is, insecurity is not uncommon. Whether it’s about our appearance or abilities or any number of other things, it is natural to feel insecure sometimes. Sometimes it’s justified, sometimes it’s not. It just manifests differently; from inability to accept compliments to not wanting to wear your swimmers on the beach, from self-deprecation to hypersensitivity to criticism. Regardless, insecurity rarely makes us behave in … Read More

25 Books Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Other Top CEOs Recommend

Successful CEOs never stop learning. Personal growth is almost as important as hard work in building a winning business. Many entrepreneurs accomplish this through workshops, conferences, and even a few continuing education courses. However, for a busy entrepreneur, being away from the office for a few days can lead to other problems. For that reason, it’s likely no surprise some of the top CEOs choose to boost their personal growth through reading a good book. Not only is it a … Read More

Free online resources that will help you advance your career

Coding doesn’t need to remain the exclusive domain of computer science grads. Whether you want to gain industry knowledge or pick up some new skills, there are plenty of resources online that will allow you to learn at your own pace without having to pay any fees. From Glassdoor’s job review database to Codeacademy’s programming classes, we’ve rounded up our favourite free online resources for boosting your career. Glassdoor Glassdoor provides employee reviews of companies of all sizes with insight into what … Read More