10 Words Make You Sound Rude In Emails [Infographic]

Communicating with clients and colleagues through email does not mean you shouldn’t be careful with your word choice. There are certain terms or words that are best said in person as you can easily identify the meaning behind it by the speaker’s facial expression and tone. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand that. This list was prepared by Outsource Philippines, a company that claims to possess “Intellectual Capital for Total Outsourcing Solutions.” But does this alleged intellectual capital translate to emotional … Read More

Become Productive by Eliminating These 5 Time-Wasting Habits

The amount of time we have available every day is limited. Not every entrepreneur can put in 18-hour days — personal obligations and family life take up time, making it important that we maximize the time we do have allocated for business. Here are five time-wasting habits that many entrepreneurs are guilty of. Eliminate these and watch your productivity increase. 1. Trying to do everything yourself. You have to learn to delegate if you are ever going to be productive. … Read More

4 strategies successful people use to start their day

Want to start your day like a boss? A new survey by Robert Half Management Resources highlights the morning routines of people at different levels in the company. Most executives (50%) start their days by checking email. Meanwhile, just over one-third (39%) of entry-level employees kick off their days with email. Regardless of employment level, the survey also found that many employees like to organize their days before they do anything else. Business Insider asked Robert Half Management Resources Executive … Read More

19 Eye-Opening Subject Line Stats That Will Supercharge Your Email Open Rates

A sad but true fact in sales: Most prospecting emails don’t lead to sales. An even sadder fact: A lot of prospecting emails never even get opened. It’s thoughts like these that can send you into an existential crisis. If you send an email, but no one clicks on it, does it still communicate information? What’s the sound of one hand clapping? (Sigh.) But don’t get too discouraged. The folks at Sidekick have compiled 19 eye-opening statistics on email subject … Read More