4 strategies successful people use to start their day

Want to start your day like a boss? A new survey by Robert Half Management Resources highlights the morning routines of people at different levels in the company. Most executives (50%) start their days by checking email. Meanwhile, just over one-third (39%) of entry-level employees kick off their days with email. Regardless of employment level, the survey also found that many employees like to organize their days before they do anything else. Business Insider asked Robert Half Management Resources Executive … Read More

10 TED Talks for who did not go to management school

In today’s business world, leaders are emerging at all ranks. The role of the leader is not exclusive to executive-level positions. But being a great leader doesn’t have to mean going to management school. You can emerge as an effective trailblazer in your office by being true to yourself and constantly learning from the information that is at your fingertips. Start by watching these short lectures and embodying their lessons. Carol Dweck: The Power of Believing That You Can Improve. … Read More

5 Remarkably Powerful Phrases That Will Help You Get What You Want

Would you like to be better at getting what you want from your employees, co-workers, customers, bosses, kids, and partner or spouse? Sometimes a change in wording is all you need. That advice comes from best-selling author and executive coach Wendy Capland. Over the years, she’s learned that certain words and phrases minimize what you have to say, making your requests ineffective. Others have surprising power to influence your listeners. “They increase our effectiveness in communicating clearly and up our ability to get … Read More