14 Small Differences Between Ordinary People And Successful People

Successful people are the icing on the cake of any hot discussion. Success is inspiring and interesting to talk about. The truth is, any successful individual is flesh and blood just like you. They are not born miracles, but it’s the small differences that help them stick out from the rest. So, what are the key aspects that differentiate them from the crowd? 1. Ordinary people talk about other people, successful people talk about ideas. Gossiping and bagging others are … Read More

Become Productive by Eliminating These 5 Time-Wasting Habits

The amount of time we have available every day is limited. Not every entrepreneur can put in 18-hour days — personal obligations and family life take up time, making it important that we maximize the time we do have allocated for business. Here are five time-wasting habits that many entrepreneurs are guilty of. Eliminate these and watch your productivity increase. 1. Trying to do everything yourself. You have to learn to delegate if you are ever going to be productive. … Read More

The Habits of Super Successful Sleepers [Infographic]

By now, we all know that sleep is important. But that doesn’t mean getting enough of it is easy. Between overbooked schedules, caffeine habits, daytime stressors, ambient noise and bedside electronics, it can feel as if the quality sleep deck is stacked against us. That said, by developing certain habits — and quashing others — it’s possible to increase the likelihood of achieving the dream that is blissfully uninterrupted sleep. For the insomniacs out there: take a long, hard look … Read More

24 Daily Habits That Will Boost Your Intelligence

The inner workings of the human brain are still one of humanity’s great mysteries. As neuroscience has advanced, we’ve learned that we can train our brains to think more clearly, be more positive, and better express creativity. In fact, Steve Jobs famously trained his brain using Zen mindfulness meditation to reduce stress, enhance clarity, and boost his creativity. What if you could actually train your brain to be smarter? A recent Quora thread posed the question: What are some of … Read More