10 Traits That Prove You Born to Be an Entrepreneur

There are five penguins standing on a floating iceberg. They are practically starving and want to eat the fish that are swimming below them, but the water is freezing and there are sharks swimming in the water, too. The penguins continue standing on the iceberg for several minutes, not sure of what to do. Finally, one penguin dives in, catches the first fish, and the rest follow. That first penguin is an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are not like ordinary people. In … Read More

6 Habits You Should Be Doing To Boost Your Mental Health

From thought patterns to emotions, every facet of human expression dwells within the extraordinary capacity of our gray-and-white matter. How does this mysterious three-pound organ called the brain hold such sway over the matters of life, death, consciousness, perception, sleep, and so much more? And, does this bran we were born with achieve its optimal state, then fail, little by little, and inevitably, as each year passes? Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D., founder and chief director of the Center for BrainHealth … Read More

3 Things That the Most Successful American Businesses All Have in Common

We are all inspired by the success of companies like Apple, Zappos and Google. Seen as iconoclastic through their creativity and innovative, these firms attract the best and brightest. They also consistently and produce exceptional products and deliver impeccable service. What makes them so different than their competitors? Here are three characteristics that the most successful American businesses have in common: 1. They Work in Teams: The best firms have all instituted a team-based approach to innovation and service delivery. … Read More