4 Steps to Arrange Flowers

A survey found that 68 percent of people who bought cut flowers at the grocery store were afraid to arrange them. “They just plunk them in something without even trying to arrange them,” she says. But with a little forethought and effort, a merely adequate arrangement can become a real eye-catcher. And we have put together steps to help arrange flowers. Step #1: Planning Before you snip your first stem, think it out. What is this arrangement for and where … Read More

16 Body Language Mistakes That Makes People Distrust You

Don’t destroy your own credibility Whether you’re telling the truth or lying, these gestures send an unconscious signal telling others not to believe you. If you want to be trusted, practice avoiding them. 1. Tilting your head back Tilting your head back and raising your chin conveys a sign of defiance or arrogance. You’re literally looking down your nose at the other person. 2. Listening without making eye contact Research shows you should make eye contact 50 percent of the … Read More

13 Powerful Steps That Will Eliminate Your Self Doubt

Whatever your rank or station–whether you’re an unpaid intern or the CEO of a powerful multinational firm–at some point you will have moments when your confidence falters and you doubt yourself. Self-doubt is a powerful enemy. It can strike anywhere in the workplace, in your life, and in your leadership, with a troubling and persuasive voice that can hold you back from seizing opportunities, making decisions and taking risks. Learning how to defeat it is crucial for success. As Norman … Read More

7 Daily Rituals Successful People Use to De-Stress and Stay Productive

Today most of us are expected to do more with less. We lead lives that are more demanding on every front–work, family, social, health–with little time left over to unwind. Stress affects our mental health, our well-being and our performance at work. But there are ways you can help yourself. Here are seven rituals successful people use to decrease stress and find relaxation. 1. Set up your boundaries In today’s frantic world it’s easy to feel pressure to be available … Read More

9 Things the Most Influential and Persuasive People Do, Backed by Science

Think about all the extremely successful people you know. I guarantee they’re incredibly good at selling themselves, selling their ideas–in short, they’re incredibly good at persuading other people. Maybe that’s because selling is the one skill everyone needs to be successful? But being persuasive doesn’t mean you have to manipulate or pressure other people. At its best, persuasion is the ability to effectively describe the benefits and logic of an idea to gain agreement–and that means we all need to … Read More

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