11 ways to bring the right significance to the relationships

Our leadership may come from within, but its foundation lies in relationships. Every successful leader knows that relationships are the life’s blood of success. For a business to take off, for a venture to proceed, for an initiative to take strength takes partnership, support, friendship, collegiality. The most significant things we achieve are generally done in relationship with others. Here are 11 ways to bring the right significance to the relationships you are working to build or maintain: 1. Make … Read More

8 Ways You Can Start Being a Better Leader Today

I liked working for some of my bosses. But only one of them was a boss I genuinely loved to work for. That’s because the bosses we love to work for have not just great technical skills but also qualities that make an impact where it matters the most: in the hearts and minds of the people they lead. If you are a boss people genuinely love to work for, here are eight traits that set you apart. 1. You … Read More

The 7 Rules of Personal Productivity

In Real Leaders Don’t Follow, Steve Tobak explains how real entrepreneurs can start, build, and run successful companies in highly competitive global markets. He provides unique insights from an insider perspective to help you make better-informed business and leadership decisions. In this edited excerpt, Tobak explains the 7 rules he follows every day in order to be productive and successful without working 24/7. Articles and books with titles like How to Be a Better Procrastinator and What the Most Successful … Read More

Why People Leave Your Company [Infographic]

Every company deals with employee turnover. Even in a healthy economic climate, it’s inevitable that some of your people will seek a career change, move cities, get recruited by a competitor, or part ways with your company. But there’s a difference between healthy and unhealthy employee turnover. You want your best hires to stay and grow their careers at your company — and if they’re leaving, you need to find out why. What makes great people leave their jobs? The folks at … Read More