4 Types of Mentors You Need in Your Life to Succeed

Finding a mentor is knowing what his or her role is in your life. Not all mentors are created equal. It would be unfair and an inefficient use of their time if you treated each mentor exactly the same. I have some mentors I speak to every day; others I contact once every few months. Knowing how you use people’s time, skills, and knowledge is critical in nurturing and prolonging that relationship. Below are the four different types of mentors … Read More

18 Powerful Ways You Can Stand Out in a Crowd

You can do all kinds of things to be noticed, but many of them don’t make a lasting impression. What if instead you could stand out in a crowded field of professionals and be noticed as the real entrepreneur, leader, talent that you are? Here are 18 strategies that truly work. 1. Be disciplined Most entrepreneurs are people of impulse, and most passionate people live by feelings. But those who understand and practice the art of discipline can channel those … Read More

10 Simple Patterns of the Most Insanely Successful People

Success takes many forms. You can have monetary success, political success, in the form of power, or even cultural success, in the form of fame. I spent a good part of last year interviewing the most successful people I know. These were ordinary people who’ve achieved extraordinary success. I eventually turned those interviews into a book. What I discovered is that these people are just like you. They work at their craft. They push to radically improve themselves and their … Read More

20 Signs You’re Working With a True Leader—and Not Just a Boss

Think about the best boss you’ve ever had. Maybe you’re fortunate, and we’re talking about the person you call your boss today. Maybe it’s someone you recall fondly from years ago. (Maybe you don’t have a boss—good for you!—but I’ll bet you’ve had one at some time in the past.) Regardless of who this person is, I’m confident I can describe him or her. That’s because highly respected bosses often have a lot in common with one another. Here are … Read More

17 Verbal Habits of Highly Likable People

We all know a few people–probably just a few, actually–who win over everyone they meet. Their charisma is hard to quantify, and yet it makes others feel at ease and drawn to them. How do they do it? One of two ways: either they’re born with an instinct, or else they study what works best and incorporate those routines into their daily lives. Chief among these habits are the verbal messages that they communicate to others. Here are some of … Read More

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