4 Steps to Arrange Flowers

A survey found that 68 percent of people who bought cut flowers at the grocery store were afraid to arrange them. “They just plunk them in something without even trying to arrange them,” she says. But with a little forethought and effort, a merely adequate arrangement can become a real eye-catcher. And we have put together steps to help arrange flowers. Step #1: Planning Before you snip your first stem, think it out. What is this arrangement for and where … Read More

7 Essential Tricks for Every MS Excel User [Infographic]

If you work in a corporate environment, you’ll most likely have to work with an Excel spreadsheet from time to time. It may even be a requirement for some jobs. But so many of us don’t know how to use the software beyond the basics. Luckily, there’s a new Infographic from Microsoft Training.net that offers seven essential Excel tricks every office worker needs to know: Source: [microsofttraining]

7 Days Challenge to Become a Better Person

Max Depree once said that we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are. If your goal is become a better person by being a better leader, businessperson, entrepreneur, parent, mentor, or teacher, then the first step is to learn to do better. And doing better is something we all can aspire to, wherever we are, whatever we’re already doing. That aspiration–to constantly improve, to always be changing and growing, to keep doing better–is what keeps … Read More

5 Ways to Radically Improve Your Life Right Now

Feeling a little lost or bogged down? We all do from time to time. The key is to keep moving forward as you gain clarity and self-awareness. Soon, you’ll get yourself back on the right track. Ground yourself by doing these 5 things right away to immediately improve your life. 1. Organize your thoughts Writing out lists, for example, is a great way of organizing all the things that happen in our minds–get all those random thoughts down on paper. … Read More

10 of the Most Effective Ways to Educate Yourself

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” – Isaac Asimov It now seems that having an education beyond High School is a necessity. After all, rising competition in the labor market and a fall in the supply of jobs often means that those without a College degree are more likely to be without a job. And though attaining a place at University comes down to your grades, your financial background, or lack of one, is … Read More

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