7 Daily Rituals Successful People Use to De-Stress and Stay Productive

Today most of us are expected to do more with less. We lead lives that are more demanding on every front–work, family, social, health–with little time left over to unwind. Stress affects our mental health, our well-being and our performance at work. But there are ways you can help yourself. Here are seven rituals successful people use to decrease stress and find relaxation. 1. Set up your boundaries In today’s frantic world it’s easy to feel pressure to be available … Read More

12 Easy Ways to Get Over Your Laziness

Being highly productive isn’t a natural talent for everyone. Some of us have a naturally strong work ethic, while others really like our sitting-around time. But we always seem to find time for the things we want to do. Laziness, on the other hand, appears for very specific reasons. Maybe we don’t know how to do the task, maybe we feel overwhelmed by everything we do have to do. Maybe we are just plain scared and our mindset needs adjustment. … Read More

7 Reasons To Go Bed Early If You Want To Be Productive

It’s bedtime and you still have two more hours of work to do. Should you stay up later to get your work done? Or just call it a day even though your unfinished work will mean you have more to do tomorrow? Staying up an extra hour or two to finish your work can be tempting. But missing just a few hours of sleep today can have serious consequences tomorrow. Here are seven reasons why the most productive people go … Read More

How to Transform Habitual Negativity at Work

I wish I had a penny for every leader or manager I worked with who accepted some form of negativity at work, simply because it had become familiar. Like a persistent background noise, often negativity is tolerated until the impact becomes too hard to ignore. This might be when someone complains, or results are massively affected, or a customer notices and gives you feedback. Negativity at work does impact results. This study by Michigan State University found productivity was directly … Read More

9 Honest Things You Need to Say to Yourself When You’re Struggling in Your Career

While it’s often easy to be mentally strong when life is going well, your true strength becomes apparent through adversity. The loss of a loved one, a health problem, relationship issues, and financial troubles are just a few of the hardships most people face at one time or another. The way you think about life’s inevitable obstacles affects your ability to cope with tough times. Developing a productive inner dialogue is one of the most productive ways mentally strong people … Read More

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