5 Productivity Hacks Office Workers Need to Learn

You work in an office. That means you have to figure out how to be productive, even if you are the founder of a company. Yet, even those who seem to have a handle on their email and get the gold star on a project need to learn a few important productivity lessons. That’s because there’s a tendency with all of us to fall into patterns that seem to work. We rely on the same apps, the same workflow, and … Read More

9 Mantras That Will Keep You Mentally Strong in Tough Times

While it’s often easy to be mentally strong when life is going well, your true strength becomes apparent through adversity. The loss of a loved one, a health problem, relationship issues, and financial troubles are just a few of the hardships most people face at one time or another. The way you think about life’s inevitable obstacles affects your ability to cope with tough times. Developing a productive inner dialogue is one of the most productive ways mentally strong people … Read More

Productivity Hacks From the World’s Greatest Achievers

Being more productive means having more time to be an innovative problem solver; that’s a key element in becoming great at whatever you are doing. For some, increasing productivity means utilizing a great new time-management app, for others, it’s setting daily goals. But if you’re looking for more novel (OK, I mean bizarre!) productivity hacks, look to some of the world’s greatest achievers: Beethoven started each day with a cup of coffee–and what coffee! He insisted on 60 beans per … Read More