10 Lessons for Small Business Owners from Star Wars

As expected, the new Star Wars film, Star Wars: Episode VII–The Force Awakens proved to be big business at the box office. While the film series has been around for nearly 40 years and is a multi-million franchise, there are many lessons that small business owners can learn from it. Here are eight of them. 1. Have a Great Idea George Lucas created a futuristic world that included knights, evil war lords, princesses and other Medieval themes. Star Wars introduced us to colorful characters that … Read More

5 Rituals that will help you brain stay in Peak Condition according to Neuroscience

Thanks to improvements in medicine, more of us are living longer. That makes we have a heightened investment in making sure our brains stay in shape as we age, too. While an increased life expectancy will not necessarily lead to a higher incidence of cognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s alone is expected to affect over seven million American seniors by 2025. Lucky for us, advanced technologies have enabled researchers to understand how the brain works, what it responds to, and even how … Read More

The 7 Excel Tricks Every Office Worker Should Know [Infographic]

Computer technology moves fast — which is why it’s so hard to believe that a computer program that’s been around for 30 years is still one of the most popular programs in the world. And yet, I’m willing to bet every single one of you has had to use Microsoft Excel at some point in your life. Nowadays, most office workers are simply expected to know basic Excel functions — so much so that many recruiters suggest you shouldn’t even … Read More

11 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Every Day for a Happier Mind and Body

It’s easy to get caught up in the continuous cycle of work, sleep, and more work. After awhile, your body screams in protest and demands you pay attention to its needs. Your body and mind deserve some rest. In just a few minutes a day you can find small ways to take care of yourself that don’t cut into your busy schedule. Here are 10+ ways to take care of yourself every day. 1. Exercise your body for a happy … Read More