9 Things the Most Influential and Persuasive People Do, Backed by Science

Think about all the extremely successful people you know. I guarantee they’re incredibly good at selling themselves, selling their ideas–in short, they’re incredibly good at persuading other people. Maybe that’s because selling is the one skill everyone needs to be successful? But being persuasive doesn’t mean you have to manipulate or pressure other people. At its best, persuasion is the ability to effectively describe the benefits and logic of an idea to gain agreement–and that means we all need to … Read More

4 Types of Mentors You Need in Your Life to Succeed

Finding a mentor is knowing what his or her role is in your life. Not all mentors are created equal. It would be unfair and an inefficient use of their time if you treated each mentor exactly the same. I have some mentors I speak to every day; others I contact once every few months. Knowing how you use people’s time, skills, and knowledge is critical in nurturing and prolonging that relationship. Below are the four different types of mentors … Read More

10 Traits That Prove You Born to Be an Entrepreneur

There are five penguins standing on a floating iceberg. They are practically starving and want to eat the fish that are swimming below them, but the water is freezing and there are sharks swimming in the water, too. The penguins continue standing on the iceberg for several minutes, not sure of what to do. Finally, one penguin dives in, catches the first fish, and the rest follow. That first penguin is an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are not like ordinary people. In … Read More

5 Motivational TED Talks That Can Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

TED talks can inspire you to do your best work, reach for the stars, or even try a new way of tying your shoes. With the 2016 TED Conference wrapped up last month, the folks at TED have gone to work putting some of the best talks they’ve hosted recently online. Delivered by a TV mogul, the leader of a study on happiness that’s been running more than 75 years, even the creator of “yarn bombing,” their talks are filled … Read More

13 The Most Inspirational Videos Ever Made

Here are videos that will inspire and motivate you each time you watch them. Enjoy! 1. Dream In order to achieve great things, you must first believe in yourself and then have a dream big enough to motivate you. 2. The Last Lecture Even if faced with terminal cancer, it’s possible to find and celebrate the joy in your life. 3. Remember Me When all is said and done, being human–exactly who you are–is more amazing than all the technology … Read More

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